- catalysts for my productivity

Time-Tracking Project

To combat the fading of my memories and the disconnection from my past, I started tracking how I have spent every single minute of my life ever since April of 2017. The purpose of this project is not only to answer the simple question “where did my time go?”, but also to provide a valuable tool for self-reflection and self-analysis.

I implemented this project by logging on an app whenever I start doing something, and so far I have already collected 8355 data points. According to my data, this is exactly how I have spent my summer:

(click on the sectors on the chart to expand them - most categories have 3 layers)

Spaced Repetition System

One of the main problems of the current educational system, I perceive, is that students only study to do well on tests, and that they would soon forget the knowledge after finishing the course. I, for example, have forgotten most of my geography, history, and Spanish knowledge after taking those classes.

To address this issue and fulfill my goal of being a life-long learner, I implemented the scientifically-proven spaced repetition system to preserve my knowledge.

I have used this method to memorize English vocabularies, Spanish vocabularies, geography, history knowledge, and even our restaurant's menu, and I continue to study using this system every day. So far, the amount of flashcards that I have made is:



I started journaling 3 years ago to organize my thoughts and to increase my self-awareness.

Journaling helped me not only to reflect on my days, but also to preserve my thoughts and to implement them in my life. It has turned my life from a mindless flow into distinct milestones of personal growth, especially when I review my entries from days or even a year ago.

So far, the number of entries that I have written is:


Possessions Database

I love using the technology that I learned to enhance my productivity. For this project, I took pictures of all my possessions and stored them in a database together with their names, locations, and descriptions. Therefore, I can pinpoint the exact location of an item with just a simple query in the database, so I would never have to look for or lose any of my possessions.

The number of entries in my database is: