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My passion for music has driven me to improve my musical abilities so that I can turn my musical ideas into tangible creations.

The guitar is my primary instrument, which I have played for 8 years; and currently I am taking lessons to improve my music theory on the guitar while continuing to practice techniques every day.

My Music Videos:



I have taught myself photography and worked as a photographer for a local organization.

For me, the art of photography is not only about the perfect composition and techniques - it is also about the experience, the simple act of traveling and preserving the moments using a camera; and it is about the passion, the love for the world that drives so many artists to capture its beauty.

Here are some of my photographs: (click to enlarge)


cinema camera

I love expressing myself using my camera and editing software, and one of my short films became a semi-finalist in the UIL Film Festival.

The screen is the canvas, the camera the brush; and my mind is the sole creator of this splendid painting.

Here are some of my video projects:

Graphics Design


Graphics designing and photo manipulation are not only fun but also extremely useful, and I have employed these skills in many of my projects, including this website.

Some other projects that involve graphics designing: