- refinery for my abilities



I worked as a waiter in a restaurant 36 hours a week during the summer, and I continue to work on the weekends during the school year.

In this high-stress environment, I need to cater guests, answer phone calls, process payments, bring out dishes, and do the cleaning. This experience had profound impact on my life: I learned valuable social skills by communicating with different customers, and I became more mature at managing my relationship with coworkers.


Volunteering helped me to get more involved in the community and to become a more well-rounded and responsible person, and I cherish the opportunities to meet different people and to reciprocate the benefits that I received from the community.

The activities that I have engaged in include:

Shelving and boxing books in the library

Helping non-profit ESL classes to teach Chinese people English

Facilitating local events such as summer camps for kids

Using my digital creation skills to photograph and film local events such as sport tournaments

So far, the number of hours I have accumulated is:



Robotics Team

2017 – 2019; 3 2-hour meetings per week in addition to extra practices and events.

In our robotics team, I was the main engineer of our robot that won a regional competition. I designed and constructed many components of the robot, and I wrote the program that allows us to control them remotely. During the construction of the robot, I learned to solve problems using the engineering process and to document the process on the engineering notebook, skills also beneficial to my programming endeavors.


Chinese Club (president)

2018 - 2019

National Honors Society

2016 - 2019

Spanish Honors Society

2018 - 2019

Math Club

2015 - 2018

Computer Club

2017 - 2019

Photography Club

2016 - 2018

Guitar Club

2017 - 2018

Film Club

2017 - 2018